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Multi Server Setup
Privacy friendly
Build with security focus.
No logging policy
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Multi server Setup

Build with fail-over cappabilities.
Hosted on different servers across different datacenters and even at home.

(Not) noob friendly

We are nerds at our hearts,
Only a few will stay lurking..

We value security

We took time to setup our IRCd and thus there hosts. we encrypt our data at will.
We do not log any activity at our IRC servers.

  1. Download a proper IRC client that supports SSL.
  2. Connect to our DevIRC IRC server using the address:
  3. For Plain-text use port 6667, SSL is on port 6697.
  4. Up-on connecting trough SSL you will be presented by a Self-Signed SSL certificate you can read more about this below.
  5. Join us at our main channel #Home (/join #Home)
  6. Have a beer, start lurking.

Our IRC Servers

We've spread our IRC servers across the country providing a fail-over.
While others are limited to just one ISP we are not!
Our roundrobin is at









What can i do on your IRC server and what not?

Up on connecting you should read our Message Of The Day short for: MOTD.
You can read this by entering /motd in your IRC client.


We value encryption.
This includes the safety of our users.
We took the time to decide upon our SSL/TLS encryption.
Aswell as our IRC Services encyption.


We use for our SSL/TLS encryption secp521r1 Curve.
Since this Curve for unkown reason is removed in some browsers like chrome and we do not want to be limited by a certificate authority.
We use our own Self-Signed Certificate.
Please verify upon connecting if the certificate matches the following fingerprint.

When you register your nickname with our Anope service,
your password will be stored with bcrypt.
This means that if our database gets comprimised an attacker cannot perform rainbow table attacks on your password.

SSL/TLS Data in transmit


Hashing Encryption with Anope


Hardened Servers


Privacy & Logging

We Value Privacy very much so should you.


No Logging Policy

We do not log any IRC conversations on our servers.
Please note that users are still able to log conversations with their IRC client.


We <3 Privacy

We will not disclose any personal information ever.
We do not posses these information.
Its that simple.


Use OTR!

For Query (/query) private conversations please consider using OTR.
When contacting staff please verify these OTR fingerprints.


Freedom of speech

We do not care what you do with your channel or where you stand for.
This is none of our bussiness as long as you comply with the /MOTD rules.

We <3 Spam

You can contact us on IRC or by using this form.